WEDA Partner: Tax Favored Benefits

The Western Equipment Dealers Association endorses a retirement plan program for its members offered through 税收优惠公司. TFB specializes in Pension, Profit Sharing, 401(k) and Employee Benefits Programs.




Advantages for Members of the Association:

  • 高质量的 retirement plan design, participant education, 政府 and investment options
  • 免费学习 建议的计划
  • 自定义设计 and selection of plan type by your company including amount of benefits and contributions to best fit your needs
  • 降低成本: Installation and Documents, Continuing Plan Administration and Participant Education
  • Excellent investment options

Why Offer a Tax Favored Retirement Plan?

  • Attract and retain productive employees
  • Employer contributions fully tax deductible
  • Tax advantages to employees
  • Systematic savings by employees
  • Employees need for retirement income
  • Asset protection from creditors
  • 投资教育
  • 接班人计划

Plan Types to Target Your Retirement Plan Needs

  • 401 (k)计划
  • Age-based 利润分享 plans
  • Pay-based 利润分享 plans
  • Cross-tested计划
  • Money purchase pension plans
  • Defined benefit pension plans
  • ESOP计划
  • 简单的计划
  • Non-Qualified deferred compensation plans
  • Merger and acquisition plans

Why is proper plan design so important?

  • No one plan can meet the needs of all situations
  • 雇主的需求不同
  • Recommendations based on client’s best interest, not just one size fits all
  • 税收优惠公司. can design and support all types of retirement plans

What can 税收优惠公司. 为你做的?

  • All services under one roof
  • 设计, 政府, 沟通, education and investment services for the retirement plans of Association members
  • Maximization of both the accumulation and retention of retirement funds

If you currently have a retirement plan, what questions should you be asking?

  • Is my current plan rewarding the proper employees?
  • Are my current plan 政府 costs too high?
  • Are participant statements accurate and received when expected?
  • Is the current method of 沟通s effective?
  • Has the plan been negatively affected by changes in the law?
  • Are the returns on the current plan’s investment options meeting expectations?

Who is Tax Favored Benefits?

税收优惠公司. is a full service employee benefits firm specializing in pension, 利润分享, 401(k), and deferred compensation plans.  We build client relationships by providing high quality service and excellent funding options and now boast more than 700 corporate clients in over 20 states.

税收优惠公司. is organized to provide retirement services and products in today’s financial environment.  We work with your other professional advisors to evaluate the complex issues surrounding retirement plan benefits and work to design a retirement plan program which most effectively meets your goals.

  • Under one roof we provide comprehensive and personalized retirement plan services:
  • Qualified and non-qualified plan design
  • 完整的管理
  • 计划的投资选择
  • Participant education and ongoing 沟通
  • 投资策略

这些任务, 我们把人员, many with over 30 years in the retirement plan benefits arena, and with such varied designations and degrees as Juris Doctor, 特许生活保险人, 注册精算师, Chartered Financial Consultant, 工商管理硕士, Certified Employee Benefit Specialist, and Life Underwriter Training Counsel Fellow.

We combine these services with funding from many highly respected investment management companies, giving our clients the best of both worlds:  great 政府 service coupled with excellent investment options.


Your savings are professional managed by nationally recognized investment companies.  Following is a representative list of different investment management companies utilized to provide the funds:

  • American Century (formerly Twentieth Century)
  • Neuberger Berman
  • 飞毛腿
  • 钟琴
  • 联盟中央
  • Massachusetts Financial 服务
  • 富兰克林邓普顿
  • 目的
  • MSIF
  • RS
  • Marsico
  • 景顺
  • 塞利格曼
  • T. Rowe Price
  • 瓦萨奇

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